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          All of our conventional prints up to 12” x 18” and panoramics up to 12x32 are produced digitally in house on premium semi-gloss or archival matte paper with UltraChrome inks.  These inks have a claimed longevity of 80 years when displayed under glass and produce stunning vibrant colors.  Almost all of the original images were made on Fuji Velvia and Provia 100F slide film in 35mm format.  Scanning is accomplished with a 4000 dpi Nikon Coolscan film scanner and digital processing is done with Adobe Photoshop 7.  Our digital darkroom gives us control over the entire post-capture process and assures you of the finest quality finished product.  Matted and mounted prints are mounted on ¼ inch foam board and matted with archival mat board.  All prints 6x9 and larger have double standard, six, or eight ply mats for increased rigidity and clearance. Framed prints are mounted in brushed black metal frames under non-glare glass.

          The sizes available for each print are listed on its individual page.  Some images can be printed in conventional 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14 sizes.  Because the 35mm format is a 2:3 aspect ratio, some prints are available only in 6x9, 8x12, 10x15, and 12x18 sizes.  Cropping to the conventional 4:5 ratio would have a significant detrimental effect on these images.  Panoramic prints are available in 6x16 on semi-gloss or archival matte paper and 9x24 and 12x32 sizes on premium glossy only.

Price List

UltraChrome Prints

Print Size       Print Only      Matted           Framed          Finished size

5x7                       $20              $30                   $60                   8x10

6x9                       $25              $35                   $75                 10x13   

8x10/12                $35              $50                   $95           11x14 / 12x16

10x15                   $60              $80                   $145               16x20

11x14                   $60              $80                   $145               16x20

12x18                   $85             $110                  $200               18x24


6x16                    $35              $50                   $115                10x20

9x24                    $70              $100                 $200                15x30

12x32                 $100             $150                 $275                18x38

Prices include shipping and handling by US Priority Mail or FedEx ground.  Prints will be mailed within one week of confirmed payment.  Unmounted prints will be shipped in rigid tubes.  Matted and framed prints will be boxed and packed in heavy padding.  All prints are unconditionally guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.

Custom Prints

          All of our prints, not just the Inspirationals, can be imprinted with a Scripture passage or text of your choice for a small additional charge.  We can e-mail or send you a plain paper draft for your approval prior to making the final print.  Contact us for pricing.

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