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SDG Images is founded on the principle that God reveals Himself through His creation and blesses us with fond memories of the beauty of our natural world.  Our photographs are attempts to capture some of those memories on film so that they may be savored and enjoyed for a lifetime and not just for a moment.

God’s grandeur can be seen in majestic mountains and delicate butterfly wings.  The intricacy of His creation is amazing.  In His attention to detail, His perfect design, and the interconnectedness of all the parts, He reveals clearly that our world is not the result of random chance or accident but rather the plan of a Master Designer.  Every time I look through a viewfinder I can sense His presence and perfection.  Our God is an awesome God who has blessed us with the beauty of His creation.  Our hope is to bring glory to Him through our images.




SDG Images and this website are the collaborative efforts of Bill and Christine Fach.  Bill has been a practicing optometrist for 30 years who dabbled off and on with photography for the first 23 of those years with a simple Minolta 35mm manual SLR system.  When his trusty Minolta XK died in 1995 he transitioned into the autofocus world with a Minolta 700si and ever since has become more involved in learning the nuances of crafting high quality images.  A few camera bodies, many lenses, and thousands of slides later (the vast majority of which have taken up permanent residence in unknown landfills), we feel privileged to offer up this display of images for your enjoyment.  If nothing else it proves that if you press a shutter button enough times, a few keepers will sneak in.

While Bill supplies the artistic material, Christine is the organizational mastermind and web designer.  From filing slides to site building to packing and shipping prints, she is the queen of the nuts and bolts of the company.  She shares a passion with Bill for the outdoors and for exploring the wonders of the landscape.  She’s the finest tentmate on the planet and can whip up a mean bowl of pre-sunrise instant oatmeal almost in her sleep.

We both acknowledge and are awed by the fact that our talents and abilities are gifts from God to be used to glorify Him in our attitudes, actions and words.  Our prayer is that you will see at least a little bit of Jesus in our work and our lives.  Soli Deo Gloria; to God alone be the glory!





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